You’d think I enjoy being miserable at the rate I’m going. 

My life gets shittier day by day. I hate my family, I have no friends and I’m fat.

its not like i know who you are now, anyways.

i don’t know who you’re dating, what you listen to, nothing. you’re a stranger and you seem to like it that way.

friends forever just means until one of you changes.

My best friend replaced me. I dunno how to used tumblr anymore. Life sucks.

I have no friends. No nothing. Whatever. I’ll I need is me. All I ever had, anyways.

I really just don’t want to be alive right now.

i have no friends. its ok. 

i can’t eddy tekeli just like. what.



Once school starts Trevor and I are only going to fuck like, once a month. Boo.

Everyone I know keeps getting pregnant and now I’m scared to have sex.

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